Bob Paulin


Bob Paulin -

What a bizarre life I have found myself  in…I've taken my passion for art and made it into a lifestyle and a  career. My late brother Len, encouraged me to open a tattoo studio. He  chose my first location but never got to see it. We are both artists but  he was the first to get tattooed and let me practice on him. His belief  in me has driven me and led me to this point.
I love cameras and  photography. This hobby has helped me get over 100 of my customers  published in tattoo magazines. My realistic black and grey portraits  have been seen on ABC's 911 tribute documentary and the "Regis and Kelly  show" episode that Jay Leno parodied on his show. I really enjoy making  realistically styled tattoos or adding realistic elements to a design  using textures and shadows to make them "pop". In order to focus on what  I've had the most success and awards for, I won't do tribal, cartoons  or family crest tattoos.
I was lucky enough early in the game to meet  some of the great tattoo artist like Jack Rudy and Tin-Tin. I was  influenced by their attitudes and respect of the art. I've spent my  career in the neighbourhood of "fine lines" and "Voth". The realistic  black work of Chris Reynolds and the super clean work of Mike Austin  have had and effect on my style.
I've owned some of the best at  tattoo studios in the Niagara region and I've had some of the best  artists around now get started in one of my studios and go on to produce  some of the coolest work I've seen. I love to tattoo and everything  that goes with it, including developing new techniques and ideas for  next years' clients.  Happiness is indeed a warm gun. 

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